Croissants and Coffee Dark Milk Bar

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A homage to the past and the present.
Early school days, learning the craft of cooking were fueled by a croissant in one hand and a flat white in the other.
Walking, dunking and dreaming.
Berhampore is now........ specialty coffee from the boys at Rich coffee, croissants straight from the shelves of Wellingtons best bakery-Gramercy.
Enjoy our flashback to a time of dreams and desires....
Some say Berhampore is the new Berlin.

Cacao-Dominican Republic
Coffee-Rich Coffee “Brazil”
Croissants-Gramercy Baker

Ingredients:Cacao(fair trade), Organic Raw Sugar, Cacao Butter, Milk Powder, Coffee Beans, Croissants(wheat flour, sugar, malt, salt, milk, water, yeast, butter) . **50% cacao content.

Cacao Origin - Dominican Republic

The CONACADO co-opertive began as a development project in 1985 during a
low in the global cocoa market, to study how cacao fermentation techniques could
improve the quality of cacao production in the Dominican Republic.
After successfully proving that higher quality, fermented cacao could increase
income to small farmers, CONACADO expanded its work to educate cacao
farmers and organize them into "bloques" – associations of farmers in a particular
geographic area.

Over the past 20 years, CONACADO has grown from 700 members organized
in 3 bloques, to over 9,500 members organized in 9 bloques with 142 local
community associations throughout the Dominican Republic.

Prior to the formation of CONACADO, 100% of Dominican cacao production
was low quality unfermented beans shipped mainly to the United States.
Today, CONACADO members produce approximately 25% of the cacao
exported from the Dominican Republic and the organization has become a
powerful alternative for small-scale producers. The co-operative's success in
quality improvement and marketing means that 70% of their cacao is sold as high
quality fermented beans, primarily to European niche markets: Organic,
Biodynamic, and Fair Trade.

The biggest challenges facing CONACADO today are the development of
infrastructure to produce more high quality cacao and generational turnover
where youth are not interested in taking over the family farm. Regardless,
CONACADO continues to grow, invest in needed infrastructure, and advance
its primary goals to maintain leadership, improve the standard of living for small
cacao farmers, support sustainable community development, and preserve the