PIRATE MARY- Rosemary Infused Salted Caramels

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Some people do it for the paycheck. The Baron does it for love. Like the time he swiped right on ‘Rosemary’ a stormy-eyed sailor with mermaid tattoos and a wooden leg. For their real-life meet, he created a recipe in her honour: soft, chewy caramels infused with fragrant rosemary and a kick of Blenheim sea salt. They’re as good as they sound. But sadly, Rosemary wasn’t. She was a 94-year old cat lady who just wanted free chocolate. Bummer. 

Awarded a GOLD medal and best in class at the NZ Chocolate Awards 2020.

Awarded SILVER in the NZ Artisan Producers Awards 2021.

6 x 20g Caramels

INGREDIENTS: Cream, Castor Sugar, Brown Sugar, Dark Chocolate (Cocoa mass, sugar, emulsifiers, soya lecithin,flavouring), Organic Rice Syrup, Butter, Rosemary, Organic Vanilla (vanilla ethanol, sugar, vanilla seeds), Sea Salt.

**Product Shelf Life is 16 weeks.