FOR centuries, the Cacao Illuminati had waited for Chocolate’s Chosen One.  Then in 2012, they found him.  Well, they caught him skinny-dipping in their sacred chocolate fountain.  But as they hosed him off (which was awkward for everyone) they saw his birthmark shaped like a cacao bean – and knew he was it. Right away, they made him Baron of their chocolate castle and taught him their dark chocolate secrets. Ever since, he’s been traveling the world searching for ingredients and inspiration. Sending recipes back to his Wellington HQ, where they’re expertly hand-made by his chocolate disciples. To try them yourself, shop online or drop by Baron Hasselhoff’s Emporium in Berhampore.

Pedro Picante- Spicy Hazelnut and Chipotle Chilli Brittle


On his last vision quest, The Baron met a wise old man named Pedro – who said he’d reveal the spicy secrets of the Aztecs. Together, they floated across a neon desert to the throne of the lizard queen. And as the sky melted, the lips on her forehead whispered...‘Tipo, ¿dónde está mi auto?’ Then three days later, The Baron woke up in a tree. With a recipe for New Zealand hazelnuts wrapped in smoked chipotle and vanilla brittle written across his back. True story. 

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